Igor on the route to Istanbul

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•    Fenerbahce won their first match in Pool B by recording a 3-1 victory over Agel PROSTEJOV in the Czech Republic.
•    Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA, on the other hand, lost the Italian derby with Imoco Volley CONEGLIANO 1-3.

Bahar Toksoy Guidetti, player of Fenerbahce: “Our pool is extremely difficult. There are the two strongest Italian teams in our group. They have powerful squads. On the other hand, our team is ready for this game. We know each player from the team of NOVARA very well. We know them from previous experiences with our national teams. I think it will be a good game. We all know we need to use our home advantage and we need the support of our fans. We will do our best to get a good result and if our fans come to support us, they will help us achieve our goal. We have been working on a few tactical things. We keep going with our match preparations.”

Mia Jerkov, player of Fenerbahce: “I think our pool is one of the most difficult groups in this year’s Champions League. Our two Italian competitors are the most powerful teams in their country. We can beat NOVARA if we make use of our home advantage. The game is extremely important since we want to start the New Year in the best possible way. The Champions League is an important goal for us. From the beginning of the season up until now, we have been trying to know each other and develop the right chemistry to be successful and at the end of this process, we do know each other better. We are excited for Thursday. Such games are the most enjoyable ones for all players. We invite all of our fans to Burhan Felek Sports Hall in order to support us.”

Cristina Chirichella, middle blocker of Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA: “We know that it will be a very tough game for us, against such a strong and experienced opponent. We know as well that we need to achieve a positive result, as we lost our first game with Imoco Volley and we need to score a victory in order to keep fighting for our goal. We want to secure a spot in the Playoff phase, so we need to do our best in Istanbul, being focussed on the game and trying to make as less mistakes as possible.”